Forty-eight months later

It’s coming up to four years since Esther moved on to the next world, and it’s interesting to see that as that time moves forward, my memories of her move backward in time. It’s easier with time to recall her at her peak, her laughter and her fierce defence of the defenceless.

This year I noticed my reaction to “Fail” videos, and some of the mishap-fests on shows like America’s Home Videos. I watch these with increasing horror; tragic accidents that even if caused by poor judgement clearly really hurt, and yet they are labelled as funny. I know Esther hated watching those, and I learned the same unguarded empathy for the pain of strangers. Esther had little schadenfreude and rarely took pleasure at others’ misfortunes.

It makes the world a slightly less unkind place.

Esther Kauffman 1933-2014

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