Esther’s First Yahrzeit

Today is the Jewish calendar date 13th of Av (י״ג בְּאָב), the date last year when Esther passed from this world to the next. It seems to be a long time ago, and I’m reminded of the deep wisdom of the tradition of mourning in Judaism, with its many stages of recognition and distance associated with the passing of a loved one. The tradition is especially emphasized when it involves a parent. No matter what age you are, losing your Mom is a major life transition, and for many people mark another stage in their adulthood.

We’re on a family holiday, enjoying being with our boys, and appreciating the odd and amazing attributes we seem to affiliate with a variety of parents, grandparents, and ancestors, sharing a laugh about our shared foibles, and family strengths.

Esther would approve.

Yahrzeit candle on the hearth in memory of Esther. She would have liked the painting too.
Dan and me visiting Esther’s grave in New Westminster in late July.

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