From Dan…

What can I say after thirty days of waves of memories of my dear wife? Perhaps only the things that I am truly grateful about. That a woman could love me for what I am. That Esther could be happy with a little hug now and then. That I wish I could have hugged her more. That she could make me enjoy people and appreciate our friends more deeply. That we could enjoy art and drama and music together. That she would enjoy cooking and ask me to find new recipe ideas from the myriad books she had collected over the years. That we could go on walks together, even in the frigid cold Edmonton winter and not say a word, but just enjoy the fact that we were together and hold hands.That her smile would lift my spirits when I got home after a frustrating day at the TV station. That she never complained that we did not have much extra money in the early years for things we wanted for ourselves and our son. That together we raised a son we were so proud of and say to each other “we must have done something right”. That we had such wonderful warm and caring friends who helped us through difficult times. That Esther would take the car and visit me every day in the hospital while I was fighting cancer for five months.That she would schlep my wheelchair into the car for over six years till we came to Vancouver. That even in the early stages of her dementia she appreciated my help with her verbal communication challenges. That even in the later stages of her disease, when I would visit her at the hospital and I would see her sitting by herself, lost in her thoughts…as soon as she saw me, she would shout (quietly) “dan” and smile and open her arms to me. She was my companion and my best friend. My memories and her spirit will always be a part of my life.


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